Track your score. Track your bet. Track your money.

Tired of wasting time trying to figure the math of your golf money game as well as keeping track of all the bets as the game progresses?

Introducing Money Game Golf

Money Game Golf allows golfers to easily and accurately track their on-course bet and score. Simply create your Money Game from the multiple formats and courses already in Money Game Golf. When you finish the hole, enter the score for each player and Money Game instantly does the Money Game math. Players receive real time updates on where the bet stands and their score.

Game Formats for every player & every game

  • Wolf
  • Skins
  • Nassau
  • Auto 2 down
  • Flip
  • 9 point
  • 2 man best ball

Players can select from multiple game formats or simply use Money Game Golf to keep their group’s score. Have a trash bet that’s not in MGG? Players can add their own custom trash bets and assign its value at any point during the game.

Now available on iphone and Android